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  Clémence was born to a composer father, Saint-Preux and a lyricist cum painter mother, Michelle, in Paris on 29th. November, 1988. The youngest of four girls, she has been immersed in an artistic environment for all of her life. Clémence displayed extraordinary talent and taste in music from a very young age. She caught the “singing fever” from listening to a variety of musical greats ranging from Chopin and Rachmaninov to artists such as Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey and Queen. She took singing, piano, guitar and dancing lessons plus she studied acting, her second passion. Fascinated by Asian culture, she chose Chinese as her first foreign language at school. A trip she made to China at the age of 16 left such an impression on her that amongst her ambitions, is the determination to perform there on stage at some point in the future.

Having graduated from school she is now devoting her efforts to developing her musical career, as well as continuing with her drama and Chinese lessons.

At the age of 11 Clémence met the legendary French singer, Johnny Hallyday. Captivated by her voice, he recorded a duet with her, “On a Tous Besoin d’Amour”, written by Jean-Paul Dréau and Saint-Preux. After enjoying the number one slot in the French charts for several weeks, the duet achieved gold status many times over.

In 2005, Clémence worked with the young actor and singer from the highly-acclaimed French film “Les Choristes”, Jean-Baptiste Maunier, to perform a duet version of the mythical “Concerto pour Une Voix”, composed by her father many years before (this major work was adapted into “Concerto pour Deux Voix” for the occasion). The piece also proved to be massively popular with the public, topping the charts for many weeks.

After kicking off her career with the above-mentioned works, Clémence brought out two solo singles, “Sans Défense” , by Gilbert Jouin and Christian Holl and “La Vie Comme Elle Vient”, by Christophe Hauser. These songs, released in 2005 and 2006 respectively, also enjoyed a great deal of success, thus confirming Clémence’s position as an established artist.

In 2009, Clémence completely devoted herself to recording a number of thrilling, sensual songs, many of which the lyrics she self penned. Her performance of these works is elegant, fresh and light. Thanks to the internet, where a few of her songs were been posted for public listening, Clémence has been noticed by a very enthusiastic international audience, leading to an opportunity for her to make an album in English. Well-known producer Haydn Bendall made this album in London. He has enhanced the material to its full potential, ensured its authenticity and highlighted Clémence’s very personal style. The recent burst of maturity in Clémence’s voice has endowed this record with a subtle tone of love and passion. It is constructed like a personal diary, full of secrets and dreams – just as she intended. Besides singing, she also plays some piano and guitar on the album. This latest album is a portrayal of Clémence herself – sensitive and strong and at the same time modest and provocative.


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