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Clémence has tree sisters: Elsa, Monelle and Camille.

      Elsa is a professional photographer, there is her site:

      Camille and Monelle are the owners of Liberty Head Bijoux, a jewelry company, is well known , and also has been used for Shakira,check out their site: 

And a video, subscribe to emmylais on Youtube! my channel dedicated to Clémence!






Clémence: New Youtube Channel and new video Clip!

Clémence came back with many news! Her new youtube channel has her new video clip: Reverie ( a music from the album Bewitching). Check it!




Clémence is an actress from Laboratoire de l'acteur

For you that thought in 2008, or 2009 that Clémence was leaving the Music world, she, at the time that she stopped appear on tv or bring news, many people tought she quitted. Her last show before she ''appear'' again was in June 3 (2008), after that there wasn't news,many fans got sad about it, but finally there is the truth: Clémence was studying in Laboratoire de l'acteur, following her dream, finally in 2010 she got it, her new film Perfect Baby is a success in China, and currently she is still working, her new video clip is avaiable!



 *A photo of Clemence in class


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